King Charles' cheeky words to Keir Starmer in first meeting since landslide win

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A video reveals Sir Keir Starmer meeting the King following Labour's storming General Election win. The Labour leader is currently the third Prime Minister presiding under Charles' reign following Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss.

He was seen exchanging pleasantries with the monarch at Buckingham Palace during a neatly orchestrated set of meetings to ensure a seamless transition of power. The newly-appointed Prime Minister arrived with his wife Lady Starmer for audience with the King.

Sir Keir later had a private audience with the King who invited him to form a new administration. In a video shared by Buckingham Palace, the PM shook hands with Charles before they joked about his lack of sleep after a busy general election night.

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The King quipped: “You must be exhausted and nearly on your knees.” Sir Keir responded: “Not much sleep”.

Later in the meeting, the PM highlighted the “quick change around” since the results were first announced, to which the King remarked: “To say the least. And having to get to grips with everything straight away must be quite exhausting.”

"Sir Keir had a private Audience of The King who invited him to form a new Administration, which Sir Keir accepted," the official announcement made by Buckingham Palace said. The statement further mentioned that the Labour Leader had "kissed hands" with the King upon his appointment as the Prime Minister - although this historic term is usually understood to mean a handshake in reality.

Lady Starmer joined the two gentlemen towards the end of their approximately 20-minute meeting, after which the Prime Minister and his wife made their way to their new residence on Downing Street.