King Charles' close relative Lord Ivar Mountbatten to star in The Traitors US with Britney Spears' ex

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a close relative of King Charles, has been confirmed as a contestant on the upcoming US series of The Traitors, which is set to air on BBC One
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The latest series of The Traitors US is set to welcome a Royal contestant for the first time, as Lord Ivar Mountbatten has officially been confirmed to be joining the star-studded lineup. The 61-year-old Royal boasts a number of connections to the family, including King Charles who himself is Ivar's second cousin.

Yet it isn't just the monarch that Ivar is close to, as he also shares a strong bond with Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie, both of whom are godparents to his daughters. In a similar reciprocal fashion, Ivar is also the proud godfather to their daughter Lady Louise Windsor, as reported by the Mirror.

Even more interestingly, Ivar also made history back in 2016 when he came out as gay, before going on to become the first member of the Royal family to have a same-sex wedding to his now-husband James Coyle in 2018. Prior to revealing his sexuality, Ivar had been married for 17 years to wife Penelope Anne Vere Thompson, however the couple decided to divorce in 2011 but remained good friends - so much so, she even walked him down the aisle at his wedding to James.

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In addition to his strong family connections, following the death of his own father in April 1970, Ivar previously came to think of the late Prince Philip as a father figure and previously recounted how much the late Duke of Edinburgh had supported him following his father's demise, reports Gloucestershire Live.

Lord Ivar shared with The Telegraph: "Prince Philip, then 49, and Uncle Dickie stepped up and supported my mother, who'd been left a widow aged just 31. She was hugely grateful to the Duke for keeping an eye on her and for being a sort of father figure to us, her two boys."

He also reminisced about his treasured moments with Prince Philip: "In later years, I would sit with him and ask endless questions about my father. It was wonderful to have someone who could tell me everything about him."

On the Duke's approachable nature, he remarked: "Prince Philip was a wonderful listener; you could tell him anything as long as you were being honest and forthright. He was happy to listen to your thoughts. But if he had some advice he thought you ought to hear, he'd give it to you."

Lord Ivar is poised to feature in the eagerly awaited series of The Traitors US. This American version differs from the UK show, which Claudia Winkleman hosts, as it will be presented by Alan Cumming and stars celebrities rather than members of the public.

The forthcoming series has an impressive cast that includes Sam Asghari, who is well-known as Britney Spears' ex-partner, Dylan Efron, brother of actor Zac Efron, stars from four different Real Housewives franchises, Ru Paul's Drag Race icon Bob the Drag Queen, Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval, and three former Survivor contestants, among others.