King Charles impersonator reveals how he earns thousands every week being a royal

Guy Ingle as King Charles
King Charles impersonator Guy Ingle is in much demand. (Caters)

An impersonator for King Charles has seen his workload quadruple since the monarch took to the throne.

Guy Ingle, 63, earns thousands of pounds every week thanks to his likeness to the 74-year-old royal.

The entertainer from Ampthill, in Bedfordshire, has been using his acting skills to imitate the former prince since the 1990s.

But his career has taken off since the passing of Queen Elizabeth in September, and with the upcoming coronation on 6 May.

Guy Ingle
The 63-year-old 'rarely' uses the tube to 'avoid stares'. (Caters)

Ingle, who has worked alongside impersonators for Princess Diana and the late monarch, has revealed that he has been able to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic.

"Work has never been so busy since the Queen's death as Charles is now king. Meaning I no longer play a second-fiddle character to the Queen," he says.

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"The workload has quadrupled, but I never let myself get dragged into any inappropriate gigs as I've got far too much respect for the royal family to do so.

"I've always been a huge fan of the royals, my family were always huge supporters of them. We were all hugely saddened by the news of the Queen's death, and I think the stress with Prince Harry and Prince Andrew must not have helped her I feel in her later years."

Guy Ingle
With the King's upcoming coronation he has been able to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic. (Caters)

Such is the likeness of Ingle – who has starred in a Hollywood film with the late actor Leslie Nielsen – to the King that he has had to change his daily routine.

"I rarely use the tube to avoid stares and questions from the public as I often get stopped by them," he explains.

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"I have the same approach for the majority of my gigs as King Charles. I get my agents to give me info on the person who's booked me and what the event is so I can tailor the routine.

"I learn the script and get my costume ready, I practice my lines whilst getting the make-up done and then arrive at the venue in plenty of time."

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attends the
The monarch (pictured) is due to be crowned on 6 May. (Getty Images)

Ingle Adds, "The best experience I've ever had was when I was working in Los Angeles on the set of the Superhero Movie in 2008 with the late, great Leslie Nielsen.

"I was treated like a star out there, limo trips and a five-star hotel to then be moved to an apartment in Beverley Hills.

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"The reason I got into this line of work was because I knew I could do better than most impersonators or lookalike.

"I had constant rejection in the 1990s until I finally started getting jobs with other impersonators such as Diana and the Queen."

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