King Charles Is Reportedly Stuck in the Middle of Queen Camilla and Prince Harry's Drama

Family holiday parties just got awkward.

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In light of recent reports, it appears that King Charles and Prince Harry are making progress in their relationship. Harry even phoned his father on his birthday earlier this month during which the two reportedly had a "warm conversation" that ended up being a "turning point" for royal father-and-son duo.

"It really hit home how he should try to work through this for the children’s sake," a source told OK!, per Marie Claire. "Charles knows he doesn’t have many more birthdays or Christmases left and wants to try to repair the rift so that his grandchildren will be a part of the family like everyone else."

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But it hasn't been as easy for Harry to mend his relationships with the other family members. The insider adds that Harry's memoir, Spare, which came out in January, did not sit well with his older brother Prince William or their step-mother (and King Charles's wife), Queen Camilla. So, you could say that Charles is stuck between a rock and a hard place since he's hoping to fix his relationship with his younger son.

"There is virtually no chance of mending the damage between his two sons," the source told the outlet. "The Queen is also still very deeply hurt by the comments made about her and that’s another obstacle for Charles to overcome."

The whole ordeal has been "painful and traumatic" for Charles, according to royal author and expert Tom Bower. "For Charles, the whole thing has been painful and traumatic," Bower told the outlet. "The problem is that Harry and Meghan have caused so much damage, it’s hard to imagine how to repair it. But I’m sure that the King would like a solution."

"Charles has not only got William and Kate [to think of], but he’s also got Camilla, who was very insulted by Harry and Meghan too, so that makes it a great problem for him," he added.

This news comes a week after royal author and expert Omid Scobie revealed that the brothers are not on speaking terms — and may never be again.

“Absolutely nothing has changed,” Scobie told People while promoting his new book, Endgame. “I saw Harry’s release of Spare as his last attempt at telling his family how he’s felt for years. Because clearly, there’s never been an open enough forum to have these conversations or share these feelings.”

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