King cobra caught inside home in southern Thailand

A 7ft-long deadly king cobra was caught hiding inside a home’s storage room in Thailand. Resident Somnuek Chuaited was cleaning the house when he found the reptile in Phatthalung province, Thailand on March 16. The snake appeared to be resting on the corner where the picture frames were kept, so the terrified local slowly placed a cover over it to mark where it was hiding. Somnuek rushed outside the room to call the animal rescuers for help and arrived with a long pole to catch the snake with. The snake was aggressive and appeared ready to attack so they kept their distance while trying to pin its neck using the pole. But despite its hostile behaviour, the skilful snake wranglers were able to corner the animal and catch it within ten minutes. They placed the snake in a sack before driving away with it to the forest where it will be released since it was not injured. The relieved house owner Somnuek thanked the team and said that snakes always wander inside their house as they live near a farm. He said: ‘Snakes liked to slither inside our windows to find food and shelter. We live near a farm where there are tall trees and grass and I think that is where they come from.’