96-Stone Man: Saudi King Orders Airlift

96-Stone Man: Saudi King Orders Airlift

A Saudi man weighing 96st (610kg) has been airlifted to hospital after being unable to leave his bedroom for two-and-a-half years.

Khalid Mohsin Shaeri, 20, was flown from the southern city of Jazan to a hospital in Riyadh on King Abdullah's orders.

The "rescue" plan had to wait for six months until a specially-made bed was delivered from the US.

Saudi Arabia's health ministry worked with civil defence and the Saudi Red Cross to organise his evacuation after part of his home was demolished so he could be brought down from the second floor.

A forklift truck was used to carry Mr Shaeri to an ambulance and on to a waiting aircraft.

Minister of Health Dr Abdullah al Rabeeah called the king's efforts a "humanitarian gesture".

Mr Shaeri, who weighs the same as two baby elephants or eight average-sized men, was reported to have a brother and sister who are also overweight, but able to walk.

Local media said the Saudi health ministry had dealt with other morbidly obese patients this year, including two siblings who weighed 47st (298kg) and 55st (349kg).

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