A new Kingsman-inspired, bullet-blocking umbrella is coming to Fortnite

Jack Webb
Block bullets with the Kingsman umbrella: Epic Games

Since Fortnite's current season theme is all about secret agents, you might've expected some quintessential gear like a laser watch would've been added. Nope, we're getting a bulletproof umbrella instead.

Taken right out of the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, a new update has introduced the bulletproof umbrella seen the over-the-top Brit action flick. They can be found around the map and are a legendary-rank item for you to play around with.

It works exactly as it does in the film: hold the umbrella open towards a foe and their spray of bullets will block them for a time. The brolly can't be used indefinitely, however, but it might be the difference between life and death in those clutch moments.

You can even go full Mary Poppins and use the umbrella as a temporary glider, and to whack people with as a melee weapon.

(Epic Games)

But watch out below, because you can only glide for a short amount of time and you may or may not fall to an untimely death, as the video below perfectly demonstrates.

So, it's an Umbrella, but not that kind


This umbrella item arrived in the latest update, which went live yesterday. Another item of note added to the game was in the form of a crash pad, which inflates to prevent falling damage.

It's the perfect companion to any short, flying umbrella trips you might plan on taking - just make sure you don't miss as you come crashing back to the ground. Use them from any height, or as an escape if you need to jump off a high place while under pressure.

It's unclear how long these items will last and how they will affect the current meta before they inevitably get vaulted in a future update.

Until that day we hope you and your trusty umbrella see you through many hardships.

Have a smashing time, old bean

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