Kingswells residents call for return of night buses to Aberdeen city centre

Stagecoach operates bus services across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
-Credit: (Image: Stagecoach)

Residents in Kingswells have called for the return of weekend night bus services from the city centre after a survey was put to locals.

Findings showed that the majority of respondents - 86% of 269 - were either dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the current bus service.

Kingswells resident and Scottish Conservative candidate Gillian Tebberen undertook the poll as those living in the area reported feeling left behind by eroding timetables.

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As well, residents with additional support needs and disabilities raised concerns about the general accessibility of buses, and anxiety caused by late services, or those that don’t turn up.

72% would welcome a night bus coming through the village after 9.30pm at weekends. Mrs Tebberen has presented her findings to Stagecoach and Aberdeen City Council.

Gillian Tebberen surveyed residents in Kingswells about the bus services
Gillian Tebberen surveyed residents in Kingswells about the bus services -Credit:Scottish Conservatives

Gillian, who is the Scots Tories candidate for Aberdeen North at next month’s General Election, said: "The majority of respondents said that they're really unhappy with the current service offered to the community.

"There was an overwhelming request for a weekend night bus to come back to the village from the city centre after 9.30pm.

"A large number of residents also mentioned that those in the village who have ASN or a disability have greater difficulty in getting on these buses. Many of the buses turn up late or not at all, which adds extra stress."

A spokesperson for Stagecoach North Scotland said: "Stagecoach operated a funded pilot evening service on behalf of Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen Inspired from October 2023 until January 2024.

"We would welcome discussions to work in partnership on future projects with the local authority and Aberdeen Inspired."