How Kirklees will mark D-Day 80th anniversary

Today (June 6), the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings will be marked across the country and here in Kirklees, with the borough's four town halls to be illuminated.

On June 6, 1944, thousands of Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of northern France, which was under Nazi occupation, in what became known as “D-Day”. This major operation changed the course of the Second World War and helped seal the Allies’ eventual victory.

The anniversary is being commemorated in Kirklees, with events being held and Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley and Cleckheaton town halls illuminated.

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Beacons are also being lit in a number of locations. The Mayor of Kirklees will be attending a beacon lighting event by the Friends of Cliff Recreation which begins at 8:45. A beacon will be lit at 9.15 pm - simultaneously with others all over the country.

Elsewhere, Emley Millennium Green has organised a picnic on the green that will begin at 5pm, with lantern processions and a beacon also being lit at 9:15 pm.

The Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor Nosheen Dad, said: “The 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings serves as a reminder that we should never forget those who fought and died to defend the freedoms and peace that we and other countries have today.

“We owe an endless gratitude to the brave men, many who were just young soldiers, who displayed incredible courage, resilience, and camaraderie on June 6, 1944.

“As time passes, our veterans become fewer so we must ensure that their legacy and their stories live on through remembrance, commemoration, and learning.

“Let us never forget their sacrifice and continue to honour their memory.”

Cllr Cathy Scott, Leader of the Council and lead councillor for the Armed Forces Covenant, said: “The Normandy landings remain a significant moment in military history and the scale of the operation is still hard to believe.

“We are indebted to the thousands of brave men who stormed the beaches. They risked and gave their lives for the liberation of occupied Europe and we must not never forget what they did for us.

“It will be a proud moment for our country and for our current Armed Forces who are involved in the commemorations up and down the country who are paying tributes to the heroes of D-Day.”

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