Kirstie Allsopp loves being famous

Kirstie Allsopp loves being famous credit:Bang Showbiz
Kirstie Allsopp loves being famous credit:Bang Showbiz

Kirstie Allsopp loves being famous.

The 'Location Location Location' presenter insisted that having a high profile from her TV work "makes life easier" and she wouldn't change a thing.

Kirstie, 51, wrote in a column for The Telegraph newspaper: "There is an oft-whinged-about mantra that being famous is miserable, but I will tell you what – and hold on to your hats here, petals – it's not. I hate to be so un-British, and probably common, but being famous makes life easier, not harder.

"Actors like to say that it is all about the art and the fame is an unhappy side-effect, but for the most part that is a load of twaddle."

"When I agreed to make a non-transmittable pilot for Channel 4, I thought it would be an interesting experience and the money was good. Of course no one knew that, 22 years later, I would still be making very regular forays into the nation’s front rooms, and that therefore a large proportion of the people I interacted with on a daily basis would know my face – but that’s what happened and, on balance, lucky me."

Kirstie added that she has seen many advantages to fame during her years in TV.

She said: "Being famous oils the wheels. People are that much more friendly and helpful, you don’t disappear in the way middle-aged women often complain about doing, and people go the extra mile for you in all sorts of situations.

"Obviously my small amount of fame is nothing compared to the Royal family or mega movie stars, but the other secret is that sensible famous people do find places where you can have a lovely time pretty quietly. I was once on holiday where I saw the then-Duchess Of Cambridge and her sister Pippa out for a run together, and on a recent trip Jennifer Aniston and the dad from 'Ozark' and his wife were staying in a house down the road; they were on the beach totally undisturbed. If you want to escape the paparazzi you can, and if you want to spend your days filming them filming you, you can do that too. But it’s less fun though, don’t you think?"