Kirstie Allsopp in Twitter row after she is branded a 'c***' over her views on term-time holiday

Fiona Simpson
Twitter row: Kirstie Allsopp, property presenter and tweeter: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Location, Location, Location presenter Kirstie Allsopp has made calls for a Twitter troll to be sacked amid a row over her views on term-time holidays.

The Channel 4 host hit back at Twitter user @Tom_Mason123 over claims he called her an “incredible c***” in a Tweet.

The abuse came after Allsopp aired controversial views over taking school pupils on holiday during term-time after the Supreme Court ruled parents can be prosecuted for doing so.

The presenter then shared the Tweet with her 409k followers and wrote: “Come on friends, family, colleagues of @Tom_Mason123 tell me if you think calling me "an unbelievable c***" is OK. #fightback”

She also posted a picture of the photo that accompanies the account, whose tweet has now been deleted and called on Tom Mason 123’s unknown employers to sack him claiming if she did the same she “would get fired”.

The mother-of-two also branded the term “unacceptable” and “sexist”.

Many fans stood up for Allsopp.

Caitlin Owen wrote: “I agree. And female gendered insults from a stranger are sexist!”

Darren Filsell added: “Tiresome that people think because you are famous they can say what they want.

“To anyone else, abuse leads to very serious consequences.”

However, others accused her overreacting.

One user replied: “Funny. Myself and my colleagues call each other c**** most days. It's called banter. Life isn't prim and proper. Deal with it.”

Another added: “You've just named and shamed someone for calling you a name - quite petty? Unless he repeatedly called you names a one off is hardly abuse..”

Twitter: The 'troll' changed his description to 'close friend of Kirstie Allsopp' (Twitter)

The original tweeter who used the account Tom Mason 123 also appears to have changed his bio on the micro-blogging site to: “Close friend of Kirsty Alsopp” [sic].

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