Kiss roadies say longtime crew member died due to ‘lax Covid protocols’

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Kiss roadies say longtime crew member died due to ‘lax Covid protocols’

Kiss have been accused by several roadies of not having strict enough Covid measures in place for their current tour.

Longtime Kiss guitar technician, Francis Stueber, died earlier this month after catching the virus, with many of his colleagues putting the blame on the tour producers.

One unnamed roadie told Rolling Stone: “Every day during the shows, we weren’t tested. Is this going to be the normal, to stick someone in a hotel. and if somebody dies, ‘Oh, well, off to the next guy?’”

The publication claims that, whilethere were protocols put in place, they were often not strictly enforced.

All crew members had to submit vaccination cards but the report alleges that some roadies used fake ones.

Mask wearing was also mandatory in the backstage area, but the roadies claimed this also was not strictly enforced and that they should have been tested for the virus more often.

Kiss production manager, Robert Long, told the music magazine in response to the allegations: “I never told anyone we didn’t want to test them. If you wanted a test, we’d supply it. If you wanted to get tested, if you felt symptoms, if you think someone might be sick, please raise your hand.

We had thermometers on every bus, sheets to write down temperatures every morning, mask boxes, and sanitisers everywhere. People were getting tested every other day, we ordered tests regularly. I’m not going to nottest people; I take this s*** seriously.”

Kiss replied in a statement: “Our End of the Road World Tour absolutely had Covid safety protocols in place that met, but most often exceeded, federal, state, and local guidelines. But ultimately this is still a global pandemic and there is simply no foolproof way to tour without some element of risk.”

Crazy nights: Kiss, who were set to headline Download festival this year, will return in 2022 (PA)
Crazy nights: Kiss, who were set to headline Download festival this year, will return in 2022 (PA)

They went on to say: “If certain crew chose to go out to dinner on a day off, or have beers at a local bar after the show, and did so without a mask or without following protocols, there is little that anyone can do to stop that. Particularly when many of our tour markets did not have any state or local mask mandates in place.”

The band also addressed crew members who had used fake vaccine cards: “We are now aware there were crew members who attempted to conceal signs of illness, and when it was discovered, refused medical attention. Furthermore, it has recently been brought to our attention that certain crew members may have provided fake vaccination cards which, if true, we find morally reprehensible (as well as illegal), putting the entire tour in harm’s way.”

Kiss lead singer, Gene Simmons, has been a very public advocate for the Covid jab, recently appearing on Good Morning Britain to hit out at those refusing to get vaccinated.

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