Kitten rescued after getting stuck inside metal pipe outside a jewellery shop

A hapless kitten was rescued after getting stuck inside a metal pipe outside a jewellery shop in Thailand. The two-month-old moggie had been searching for food on the roof when it accidentally fell into the drain in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province on April 5. Employee Ketnika Jitkla heard the moggie crying outside but it was nowhere to be found until the sound led her to one of the yellow steel pipes covering the metal guttering. Ketnika knocked on the pipe and the kitten responded with louder cries so she called the animal rescuers for help as she could not make an opening on the structure herself. She said: ‘I kept hearing this noise for a day. I thought it was just a stray kitten outside but the sound was still there when I returned for work so I looked for it.’ When the rescuers arrived, they inspected the pipe to know the exact spot where the cat had been trapped and found it was on the bottom part. They tried to drop a rope from the roof hoping that the cat would use it to climb up but the animal was to scared so they decided to cut parts of the pipe out instead. The team then used a metal cutter to slice through the metal sheet but the cat was trapped inside the thicker five-inch pipe. The determined volunteers continued cutting through the metal until they were able to pull the feline out around 30 minutes later. The male kitten was wet from the water inside the drain so the rescuers cleaned the animal up before it was given fresh water and food. The gold shop employee, Ketnika, volunteered to adopt the brown moggie which she later named Nam Chok meaning ‘bringing fortune.’