Kitten stuck in wall for three days rescued in Thailand

A hapless kitten was rescued after getting stuck inside the narrow space of a wall for three days in central Thailand. Noodle shop owner Sunee Chaiwattanaphong, 59, heard the cat crying inside the wall of the building in Chonburi province on April 28. At first, she thought there was a stray cat who gave birth nearby but when the sound continued for three days she went to look where it was coming from. Sunee called the local animal rescue group who arrived with a hammer and began smashing parts of the wall. They believe the kitten might have been born on the roof and fell on a hole while wandering around looking for its mother. She said: ‘I thought the mother cat intentionally hid her babies there but after hearing the cat cry for several days I worried that it could die. ‘The kitten’s mother might be a stray cat that gave birth on the roof and it fell into a narrow hole in the building.’ After almost half an hour the rescuers were able to create a hole big enough to free the one-month-old kitten which was pulled out. The female cat was given fresh food and water before it was adopted by the kind noodle shop owner.