Klarna Expands Retailer and Creator Tools

Klarna has expanded tools for retailers and creators as it aims to help efficiently increase growth and engagement with audiences while enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.

The buy now, pay later company has created marketing and ad solutions to open revenue channels for large and small retailers — especially to stimulate business growth, drive traffic and increase sales.

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With a mission to accelerate e-commerce, Klarna’s marketing and ad solutions open new revenue channels for large and small retailers, especially during times when they’re looking for extra support to grow their businesses, drive traffic and increase sales.

The rollout of its Creator Shops, now introduced to the U.S., offers content creators their own customizable storefronts. The Ad Manager, which is already in the U.S. and will roll out to all of Klarna’s global markets over the next few months, has launched in the U.K. and Sweden to help retail partners engage with Klarna’s high-intent audiences.


Consumers voluntarily share their information with Klarna, which then provides them with a more personalized shopping experience. The Ads Manager makes sure that relevant content is shown to shoppers by allowing retailers to find customers searching for similar brands and products. While other platforms have search queries or other forms of consumer intent, Klarna’s sole focus remains on helping retailers find shoppers at the point of purchase, according to the company.

After a successful run in Europe, Creator Shops has enabled its growing network of 500,000 creators to create a consistent shopping experience. A recent Klarna survey found that 68 percent of Generation Z and 59 percent of Millennials get their shopping inspiration from social media.

Helping consumers shop from their favorite content creators is the goal. The platform allows content creators recommendations of products from thousands of retailers and shoppable videos are set to be shared on the Klarna app, to its 27 million monthly users.

“Building on our suite of marketing and ad solutions for retailers, Klarna’s Creator Shops and Ads Manager continues to transform the company beyond buy now, pay later into a growth partner and retail media network within the industry,” said David Sandstrom, chief marketing officer at Klarna. “Our combined network of over 1 million retail partners and creators globally now have even more powerful ways to reach Klarna’s 150 million high-intent shoppers, while consumers can enjoy a more relevant and personalized shopping experience.”

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