Knife said to be from the 19th century restored to its former glory

A knife said to be from the 19th century was discovered in an abandoned house in Ukraine then given an exciting restoration. Footage from February 22 shows the antique in a sad state of affairs with a ruined wooden grip and covered in dirt. The restoration sees the item being taken apart, reshaped, cleaned and given a new handle made from fresh wood. The filmer explained: "This knife was found in an old house in which no one has lived for a very long time. "The knife was in very bad condition, for a couple of years it would have rotted completely. "The thickness of the knife reached two millimetres, and most likely over the years, it has lost more than three millimetres of metal. "The handle of the knife was also partially destroyed, and it is very good that it was kept in a dry place as over the years it could have completely rotten. "I decided to restore this ancient find and now it is a full-fledged working knife that has preserved its history."