Knights of Mayhem 'Jousting Doesn't Compare to MMA' Says Fighter Jake 'the Snake' Paul

Jake "the Snake" Paul (18-14), a professional MMA fighter, has added professional jousting to his list of favorite extreme sports to practice. Jake is training to become a professional in the sport of full contact, heavy armor jousting.

Jake "the Snake" Paul faced fighters destined for the UFC

Jake fights in the 185 lb. division in regional shows. Here's HDNet video of him winning his fight against Jarome Hatch by RNC on April 16th 2011.

In 2010, Jake lost by unanimous decision to former UFC fighter, Josh Burkman.

In 2008, Jake lost by unanimous decision to current UFC fighter, Mike Pierce, who recently defeated Paul Bradley by split decision on the non-televised portion (shown on Facebook) of UFC on Fox 1.

In that same year, Jake lost by TKO to current UFC fighter, Rick "the Horror" Story, who was most recently seen at UFC 139 on November 19th in a split decision loss to Martin Kampmann.

Knights of Mayhem, Professional Jousting

Now, Jake is training with Charlie Anderson, reigning champion and leader of the Knights of Mayhem, Heavy-Armored Full-Contact Jousters, trained in medieval and renaissance warfare.

The group has mostly performed at Renaissance faires, but has catapulted into the limelight with their new NatGeo TV show called, "Knights of Mayhem" (KoM). video

Charlie has big dreams for professional jousting. On the show, waiting to see Jake's MMA fight, he says "This is my vision for the sport of jousting. Packed arenas like this (referring to the regional show audience cheering for Jake as he makes his entrance for his fight against Jarome Hatch) watching elite warriors go out (and perform) the original blood sport, professional jousting. The training and preparation it takes to be an MMA fighter can make some of the baddest knights on the planet. I can't wait."

On the KoM show, Jake is interviewed about his jousting and MMA plans: "I'm really good at fighting. I'm knocking on the door of the highest level so it's tough for me to walk away from this (MMA) and go off and start a new sport - jousting. No one knows the future of jousting right now...Fighting's my passion, so to walk away from fighting to joust - to get paid very little to be in this grass roots sport that no one's really heard of - that's a really hard thing for me to do. You can't be a hundred per cent in both things. It just doesn't work."

Jake won his most recent MMA fight against James Birdsley by unanimous decision on October 28, 2011. He has a memorable look for a fighter. He looks good on horseback fully suited up in his armor too. I friended him on Facebook.

After one of his matches on KoM, (a rookie challenge), Jake said, "There's no hits that really compare to that from MMA," after enduring a double unhorsing - both he and his opponent were pushed off their horses and hit the ground at the same time. "That's jousting's own baby right there." video

Jake lost 15 to 23, but seemed happy with his performance. "A lot of people are excited to see me transition from MMA to jousting. It was actually a lot of fun coming off (the horse). If you're sick like me, you'll enjoy it."

Things People Say At Jousting Tournaments

"Did you see that double unhorsing?!?"

"He got his foot stepped on by the horse!"

"I was impaled by a lance."

"I'm fine. Lift me up."

"We've got your horse, don't worry. Talk to me."

Info on Knights of Mayhem on NatGeo

"Knights of Mayhem" airs on Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST on the National Geographic channel.

From the "Knights of Mayhem" Facebook page: "Knights of Mayhem is a new reality television show which follows the professional jousting troupe: The Knights of Mayhem (led by Charlie Andrews the world champion of full contact heavy armor Jouster). Charlie is trained in Medieval and Renaissance warfare. The show follows Charlie in his public and private life as he attempts to take jousting from the theatrical world of the Renaissance Faire into the arena of real sport, shining a light on the intense dedication, brutal training, and severe personalities needed to survive the fierce competition of this bone-crushing sport."

Source: fighter stats from, Knights of Mayhem, episode 3 (quotes)

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