Koala Injured in Road Collision Tries to Snatch Food From Carer

Thunderbolt Pat, a koala severely injured after being hit by a vehicle, was filmed well on the road to recovery at a sanctuary in Port Stephens, New South Wales.

The koala, known by carers at Port Stephens Koalas as the abbreviated ‘TB’, was struck by a vehicle and suffered broken ribs, a dislocated jaw and broken eye socket.

Despite her ordeal, TB pulled through and, 28 days later, was filmed chasing her carer around the yard for a feed on December 7.

“She is on the home run,” Port Stephens Koalas said in a post to Facebook.

“All being well Pat will soon be able to advance to using the tree in her yard in preparation for release,” the group added. Credit: Port Stephens Koalas via Storyful