Koala Joeys Enjoy First Day of Preschool at New South Wales Park

Three adorable koala joeys experienced first-day feels as they left their Mums and Bubs yard to transition into the Koala Preschool at Australian Reptile Park.

Video shows Olaf, Regina and Petal exploring their new area and getting to know each other.

The trio will eventually become a critical part of the park’s koala breeding program and act as ambassadors for saving the endangered species.

The parks’s Head of Mammals, Hewin Hochkins, said: “It’s so heart-warming to see the friendship that these three have. They’ll be able to build their confidence together of exploring a different environment without their mum by their side and it’s great to see that they’ll be able to comfort each other whilst they adapt to their new yard!”

In February 2022 the status of the koala was changed from vulnerable to endangered in Australia, meaning an increased level of protection for the marsupials in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

Video transcript