Koala Out for Morning Stroll Holds Up Traffic

A koala out for his morning stroll had to be escorted off the road after it created a very Australian traffic jam in Portland, Victoria, on January 4.

Danni Reade recorded the cute video, which shows the marsupial being gently nudged away from the road.

She told Storyful that Portland was surrounded by bushland and forest, and that koalas were very common in and around the shops.

“Locals are used to having them walk into stores, stopping traffic and showing up in their backyards,” she said.

Reade told Storyful that the animal was “escorted” off the road and found itself a nearby tree. Wildlife officers also checked on the marsupial and determined that it was neither injured nor sick.

“He was just out for a morning stroll,” she said. Credit: Danni Reade via Storyful

Video transcript