Koala-ty Time: Thirsty Marsupial Nestles Next to Lookalike Ornament in Adelaide Backyard

A family near Adelaide, South Australia, was in awe on January 17, when a thirsty koala found refuge in a tree in their backyard and nestled next to a lookalike ornament.

The heart-melting video was shared by Rainer Harman, who can be seen carrying a saucepan of water to the marsupial.

Harman told Storyful that he and his family were visiting his parents on a warm summer day when he noticed the koala sitting at the bottom of the tree. He said that the koala got startled when he called everyone over, and climbed up.

“Of all the trees she could pick,” he said, “she chose the one with a fake koala in it!”

“Once she was satisfied she climbed a little bit higher, found a comfortable spot and went to sleep,” Harman said, adding that the koala, which his daughter considered to be a female, eventually left the tree and wandered into the neighboring reserve. Credit: Rainer Harman via Storyful

Video transcript


- Yeah, he's drinking.

- Is he drinking? Yeah. No, not anymore. Yeah, there he goes again. Yeah. Isn't that funny? There's a statue of a koala. That's right. [LAUGHTER] But this is not koala area.

- It shouldn't be here. I think he's looking for good leaves.

- I think that was-- no, there he goes again.

- He's still drinking, Daddy. You have to stay in there now.

- Yeah.

- Oh yeah, he's drinking a lot. Oh. He or she. There's no break in it. And there is hardly any leaves that he can eat here.

- Yeah. Rest of the trees here are dead.

- Yeah.

- Do you think we should call somebody to relocate him? Because he's not supposed to be here.

- Pabala Creek, maybe. Oh, look at him drinking.

- He's gulping it down.

- Oh, look at him drinking.

- He's so thirsty.

- Do you want to call someone?

- Oh, the rain has stop him here. You send the film, because mine is not as good as yours.

- It's really insane.

- He is very thirsty.

- But who do I ring?

- Wallaby.

- Maybe ring--

- Look up koala rescue.

- Yeah.

- Babe?

- Yeah.

- He is thirsty, he or she. What did she see on the nose? Why is it a girl?

- Because the girls have a flatter nose and the boys have more of a bigger nose.

- Oh.

- She is so loving this right now. She looks so content being able to drink water.

- Hi. Hello. More? Yeah, OK.

- With her little tongue come out all the time.

- What a treat.

- Yeah. Yeah. So close to nature.

- Oh, she's letting him touch.

- Is there air space standing, Dad?

- No, he looks fine.

- His hands on the tree but not on my leg.

- There's no use getting closer, love.

- If you walk around--

- Come around here, you can see better.