Kourtney Kardashian reveals reason for emergency foetal surgery

Kourtney Kardashian has finally revealed why she had to undergo emergency foetal surgery in September last year.

On Thursday's episode of The Kardashians, the reality star revealed that she needed the operation after doctors found fluid in the lungs of her and Travis Barker's then-unborn son Rocky.

"We had a terrifying scare," she said. "It's super rare - the condition that he had - but it's also super rare and lucky that we caught it. Thank you, God, for a successful surgery. I'm honestly just so grateful, I have no words."

While the initial procedure went well, the 45-year-old shared that the fluid in Rocky's lungs started coming back.

Revealing how she coped with the situation, Kourtney continued, "Then I watched this documentary called Heal that was all about the power of positive thinking and how our thinking can really affect our health. I started talking to the baby every day, saying my prayers. After I had that mindset shift, the fluid was completely gone and we had not one single problem after."

Despite the positive news, the Blink-182 drummer remained concerned about Rocky until he was born on 1 November.

As they travelled to the hospital for the birth, Travis told his wife, "I don't want him to come out early. I want to make sure his lungs are perfect - everything's perfect."

After welcoming their first child together, Kourtney gushed, "It's everything I've ever dreamed of. Everything we've been through to get to this moment, it just feels so surreal... I'm so happy in my blissful baby bubble and the love with Rocky."

During an earlier episode of The Kardashians last month, the Poosh founder explained that the doctors noticed Rocky's condition during an at-home scan and she had to undergo the procedure "right away", before Travis got home from tour.

For the last two months of her pregnancy, she wasn't allowed to drive or "stand for more than 20 minutes" as she had a hole in her amniotic sac as a result of the operation.