Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are leg-up Twitter twins

Kourtney Kardashian took a page from Victoria Beckham’s leg-up playbook. (Photo: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian; Instagram/Victoria Beckham)

Only Victoria Beckham can look effortlessly chic — not uncomfortable at all — as she lounges with one leg in a high arabesque. Until now, that is.

On Thursday, Kourtney Kardashian decided to take the leg-in-the-air Instagram challenge, starting a convo with the pose’s creator in the process.

Kardashian’s version of the photo showed her leaning into the crook of a couch, with her sleek, leggings-clad gam extended high in the air — straight up, creating that right angle your barre instructor would be proud of. She was also holding her phone up to her ear. And she gave credit where credit was due. “‘Victoria, I’ll call u later I just got back from the football game,’” Kardashian captioned the post, shouting out Beckham, who’s become known for this type of pose on social media.

And it was no lie — Kardashian did just get back to her hotel after the UEFA Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Muenchen in the City of Light.

She wore a semi-appropriate outfit (for the Kardashians) to the soccer game: an athletic navy blue pullover with red-and-white track-style bands around the upper arms tucked into shiny black leggings with a lace-up crotch closure. The sky-high stiletto ankle boots didn’t really match the setting, but what else would you expect?

Beckham responded to Kardashian’s post with yet another version of her own leg-in-the-air snap. “Right back at you @kourtneykardash,” the designer captioned a photo of herself on a couch in a silk robe, as she held her leg in the air and a pointy nude pump on her foot. She also had a towel wrapped around her head, giving the impression that she’d just gotten out of the shower (and slipped heels on, as one does after bathing). Then she plugged her new beauty collection with Estée Lauder with the hashtag #VBxEsteeLauder.

Fans are thoroughly entertained by this leg-conversation the girls are having. “[S]he wanna be Victoria Beckham so badddd,” one follower commented on Kardashian’s post. Doesn’t everyone?

Another wrote, “@victoriabeckham and @kourtneykardash u guyz r cute.” A third wrote on Kardashian’s pic, “Victoria Beckham is that you[?],” whole someone else commented, “aye didnt victoria tell you the secret is to get a leg up on the compitition lol.” Others just tagged Beckham in the post to bring it to her attention, while dozens of people named Victoria loved the self-proclaimed shoutout. “‘Okay girl, don’t be too long … I have big news to tell you,’” one Victoria wrote on Kardashian’s post. “K call me!” said another Victoria.

Once people saw Beckham’s response, they were even more excited by the exchange. One Kardashian follower wrote, “brilliant I just saw Victoria’s photo .” While another exclaimed, “Yeeeessss,I just saw Victoria too ww.” People think the exchange is “so cute” and adoringly called them “crazy kids.”

It’s hard to tell which of Beckham’s poses inspired Kardashian. It could be her 2015 pose that proved you can do anything in a jumpsuit, or her 2016 shot that proved the same for culottes.

In that post she credited ballet classes for her incredbile flexibility.

She recruited Eva Longoria to join her in Cannes in 2016, although Longoria skipped the full extension part. So if she’s still looking for a leg-posing partner, it’s clear Kourtney Kardashian can make the cut — or, should we say, kick?

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