Kristen Stewart: 'On the Road' Pot Pic Won't Hurt Actress

Kristen Stewart is that young and gorgeous woman who shot to fame with her performance as Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga." Normally, an actress as enormously popular as the 22-year-old would want to watch her image, and normally, a pot pic should be avoided. Stewart is set to appear in "On The Road," an adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel, produced by Francis Ford Coppola. In Kristen's case, a photo from the movie, showing her rolling a joint, somehow seems to highlight her resume.

Her private life has remained somewhat of a mystery

We all know that Kristen is dating her "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson, but that's only because the paparazzi has photographed the two together. The "Twilight" stars haven't denied it, but they aren't a couple who likes to make their personal live public either. A star who comes off as mysterious is one we rarely form solid opinions about. Pot pics are more likely to harm someone like a Kim Kardashian, who tells the public everything, rather than a star who stays out of the spotlight.

Her image is one of the edgy girl

The young brunette star is pretty, but she's never been the goody-two-shoes, girl-next-door type. From her scenes in "Into the Wild," to "Adventureland," to her role as Joan Jett in "The Runaways," Stewart isn't afraid to go edgy. She has played a character high on drugs, who kissed a girl, and in "On The Road," she plays a sexually free character.

She's a feminist

Pattinson's girl is, most likely, a feminist, and she's shown that time and time again with some of her statements. Her latest statement was regarding the sexually free and uninhibited young character she plays in "On The Road."

"She was a being that freed herself from the inhibition; she wasn't someone who's fearful. Her eyes are wide open when it comes to life, no judgments; she's able to find the beauty in all of us. I envy her," said Stewart.

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