Kristina Rihanoff Arrives At ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Rehearsals Amid Ben Cohen Romance Backlash

Kristina Rihanoff might have been the centre of a media storm in recent weeks but the talented dancer appeared unfazed as she returned to work in Central London today.

She rolled up to the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals wearing form-fitted exercise gear featuring pink striped detail. She was also armed with a cup of coffee, like most of us on a Monday morning!


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She was plugged into her MP3 collection; we wonder what she was listening to? Perhaps, ‘eye of the tiger’?

Well, it worked for Rocky.

Between the occasional smile, she had a look of determination on her face, which we suspect is a good attitude to have when faced with a jam-packed schedule ahead of the new series.


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Last month it was reported that Ben Cohen had told his wife that he was in a relationship with the Strictly blonde beauty. To further support the report, she was also spotted leaving her flat with the rugby star. Just borrowing some sugar, Ben?

Kristina tried to battle the storm by taking to Twitter to defend herself, especially once news had broken that Ben and his wife Abigail had split last September.

If you want to know the truth, the ‘Siberian Siren’ is planning to write a book that will lay bare everything that happened with her Strictly partner. Ooh la la!

In fact, she has seemingly thanked the critics for giving her more material for her book. We guess that’s one way to approach it…


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She reached breaking point when she responded directly to comments on the social media platform, “How pathetic your life must be if you find time to tweet something like this. Poor you. Get a life? Or an education or both (sic),” she advised one user.

The 37-year olds professional dance partner, Robin Windsor, has allegedly stated that Kristina and Ben are now an official couple, according to The Mirror.

So what does Abigail think of all of this?

It was reported by The Sun yesterday that Abby was planning on sending a “strongly worded” letter to the BBC to request that they drop Rihanoff from the BBC hit show.

Eek. It doesn’t look like the sun is going to be breaking through the clouds any time soon.