Kung Fu season 2 adds The Leftovers star Annie Q

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Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

Kung Fu season 2 has made some significant casting additions ahead of filming.

According to Deadline, Annie Q of The Leftovers, Vanessa Yao of Blackfox Ridge and JB Tadena of Hawaii Five-0 are all onboard in recurring roles.

Annie's character Juliette is described as being the "clever and conniving" daughter of business mogul Russell Tan, who's "cultured, precocious, and already well-seasoned in the world of business, Juliette offers Russell her steadfast support, eager to prove she's ready to succeed him at the helm of the Tan empire".

Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

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Vanessa will play Nicky Shen's mysterious cousin Mia who has been "raised in extreme isolation with her mother Mei-Xue, she ran away from home and has been living on her own for years".

The two will cross paths in the season premiere, but it won't be a heartwarming family reunion. According to her character's description, Mia's "a natural powerhouse, armed with incredible strength and reflexes... and a deeply ingrained suspiciousness of other people".

It also turns out that she's "a key piece of Russell Tan's villainous plan". Interesting!

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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Lastly, JB's Sebastian is the "charming" new chef at Harmony Dumplings – stepping in to carry the load when the eatery's newfound popularity "threatens to swallow up" Jin and Mei-Li Shen.

He's arrogant and eager to prove his worth to the restaurateurs, while Seb "will immediately turn the newly single Ryan Shen's head... but much to Ryan's frustration it's unclear if the attraction is mutual".

As this romantic suspense unravels, the newcomer also finds himself becoming entangled in the family's lives...

Kung Fu returns for season 2 on The CW in March.

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