Kung Fu's Olivia Liang celebrates season 2 filming with Shang-Chi bus stunt

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Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

The CW's Kung Fu has just started filming on season 2, and its star Olivia Liang is celebrating!

Posting on Twitter, she showcased a new stunt she'd been taught by the Kung Fu team, reminiscent of a move Simu Liu masterfully performs in new Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

In the tweet, Liang playfully teased Liu by writing, "@SimuLiu watch ur back i'm coming for you after i've trained for 300 more hours".

The scene in question in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sees Liu's character take on a group of enemies on a bus, at one point jumping into the air and kicking two in the face at the same time, before landing gracefully on the floor.

Photo credit: Marvel Studios - Disney
Photo credit: Marvel Studios - Disney

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Kung Fu centres on Olivia Liang's character Nicky Chen, a martial arts expert and college dropout who uses her talents to fight crime.

Describing her character as making her feel "empowered", Liang told TVLine , "I feel like a badass. This show is my first real experience with martial arts, and I feel so privileged that I get to learn it for my job.

"Doing these beautifully choreographed fight sequences, it just really makes me feel strong, and it's really translating into my personal life of just feeling a lot more powerful and a lot taller and stronger and bigger and just ready to take on the world."

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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Showrunner Bob Beren has previously teased Kung Fu season 2 details, saying "The change we're excited about, without giving too much away, is the myth is now relocating to San Francisco."

"As for the mythology of the warriors and guardians, we are going to see that play out with the character of Nicky's cousin who she didn't know about – who we teased at the end of the finale," he revealed.

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