Kylie Jenner says she has 'the toughest skin on the planet' after facing hate on social media

Kylie Jenner wearing a lace dress with her hair up standing in front of golden curtains.
Kylie Jenner explains her approach to social media after becoming a mom. (Photo: Getty Images) (Marc Piasecki via Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner is revealing how her approach to social media has changed since becoming a mother, sharing that she's chosen to take a step back in order to protect herself.

The 25-year-old reality TV star and mogul has long been one of the most followed people on Instagram with a current following of 372 million people. And although she shares quite a bit on her platform, she told friend Hailey Bieber that she's cautious about how much of herself she puts out into the world.

"When I showed my personality too much or shared a little bit too much, people just had more access to say things about the real me, so I decided to push back a little bit," Jenner explained during an appearance on Bieber's YouTube series Who's in My Bathroom? "When I got pregnant and started, you know, having kids, I think that I just have a different relationship with social media. And I think my priorities are just in a different place. And I really have real life shit to do now."

Jenner, now a mom to 4-year-old Stormi Webster and an 8-month-old son whose name is still unknown to the public, went on to say that she previously "dedicated my whole life" to social media. "I would wake up, I would Snapchat my breakfast," she said. "I just can’t do that anymore."

While it's not practical to spend her time that way as a businesswoman and a mother, Jenner also explained that showing up as she did on social media seemingly gave people more opportunities to talk about her.

"Things get overanalyzed and misconstrued and you kind of just have to accept that. I think that I have probably the toughest skin on the planet because millions of people have said things about me, decided who I am that’s not even me. It’s hard to just swallow that. My friends and my family know who I am so that’s really all that matters," she said, adding that social media is "not real."

Now as a mom, Jenner gets the most joy from watching her children make their own memories, especially on holidays like Halloween.

"All I wanna do is trick or treat with my kids. It’s all about them now, whereas before it was all about me," she said. "Halloween is more fun now because I get to live through them. My son’s like 8 months old, but I get to live through my daughter the last few years and how excited she gets. It’s just so much fun."

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