‘Rise and Shine’: Kylie Jenner’s sing-song wakeup call for Stormi is the internet’s new favorite meme

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

There were plenty of moments during Kylie Jenner’s 16-minute office tour that left us wide-eyed, but a two-second clip has become the internet’s new favorite meme — and the cosmetics queen loves it too.

Last week, the billionaire gave fans the tour they had been asking to see “for the longest time.” The Kylie Cosmetics HQ is very large, very pink and very self-promotional. It includes a red carpet, glam room and nursery for Stormi, who Jenner said “is always here.” Viewers got a glimpse of the baby at the end (see the 15:20 mark) as Jenner woke her from her nap.

And it’s that wake-up call by a Jenner that has turned into a thing. Entering the room in her Chanel suit, Jenner puts on the light while crooning in a sing-song voice, “Rise and shine.”

More specifically, these two seconds.

The internet has been obsessing over it for a few days now.

And not just obsessing, but making memes — lots of ‘em.

Jenner saw the memes — and has embraced being the “rise and shine” girl.

This one left her “doneeeeee.” It used audio of Stormi saying “Mommy bridge” earlier this month while navigating her new play set. (At the time, Jenner admitted she thought the child was saying “b****” not bridge.)

Even Ariana Grande has gotten into the fun. She posted herself singing “rise and shine” on her Instagram Stories and asked Jenner if she could sample it.

Ever the businesswoman, Jenner said yes — as long as she is featured in the video.

Showing off her shrewd business deal-making skills, Kylie Jenner told Ariana Grande that she can sample "rise and shine" as long as she's cut into the deal. (Screenshot: Kylie Jenner via Instagram)

Speaking of cashing in, she’s now also selling “rise and shine” merchandise. These hoodies are $65.

Jenner has since shared a video of Stormi rocking out to a “rise and shine” remix, though it sees the tot telling her mother that she preferred tracks from her dad, Jenner ex Travis Scott, over Jenner’s singing.

And while Stormi may not be the biggest fan, Jenner’s pals love this whole thing going viral. Sofia Richie, Hailey Bieber and Paris Hilton are among those commenting on the photo Jenner posted with her face in the center of the sunshine. “LMFAO,” wrote Richie. “When I think of u this is exactly what I see.”

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