Kylie Kelce Jokes She'd Trust Brother-in-Law Travis with Her Three Kids for 'About an Hour'

Kylie also shares how long she'd leave husband Jason Kelce alone with the kids and which one Travis has a special way with

Jason Hanna/Getty, Kylie Kelce/instagram
Jason Hanna/Getty, Kylie Kelce/instagram

Kylie Kelce knows just how much of her kids each of the Kelce brothers can handle.

Appearing in the first episode of season two of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce (Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment), the mom of three, 31, revealed that she just left her and Jason's kids — daughters Bennett, 6 months,  Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3 — home with just him for the longest time yet.

"Jason watched the girls for almost three hours today. When I told my parents that he watched them for three hours, he said, 'It felt like four days.'"

"I would never leave long enough that he would need to give Bennett a bottle," she deadpanned, jokingly. "So really, that 3-4 hour threshold."

"I've given her a bottle, at least one. I've given Wyatt, for sure, bottles, but Bennie, I've been less on because I've been handling Wyatt and Elliotte."

Kylie confirmed, "Jason mans the toddlers because they can speak."

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Travis then asked, "How long, if at all, would you allow me to babysit the girls unsupervised? Longer than Jason?"

After she confirmed it was unsupervised, she laughed, "But then who is watching you?"

"To be fair, when I left today, Wyatt said, 'I'll keep an eye on him, mom,'" she laughed.

She then said, "I'd probably leave you for one hour."

"I'd leave you with Wyatt, you can handle Wyatt," Jason said, to which Kylie agreed.

<p>Kylie Kelce Instagram</p> Jason and Kylie Kelce with their three daughters

Kylie Kelce Instagram

Jason and Kylie Kelce with their three daughters

Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the Super Bowl in February, Kylie praised her brother-in-law for being the "absolute best" as an uncle to their girls.

"It's very funny, Jason said in an interview that he thinks [the girls] might like him more than they like Jason," she laughed.

"I tell everybody, he comes to our house to visit and the poor guy doesn't sit on the couch because our daughters will be like, 'No, no, you sit on the floor. We're gonna do a puzzle. We're gonna build blocks. We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that.' "

Kylie said she's tried to tell Travis that he can turn down his nieces' many requests.

"Our oldest, she's our boss. She's our ring leader, and she just has demand after demand for him. And I'm like, 'Trav, you know you can tell Wyatt no?' "

"He was like 'Yeah, I don't think I can.' And so he will do it," she told PEOPLE.

"She'll be like, 'Jump up and down.' He'll do it. 'Roll on the floor,' he'll do it. 'Be the pony.' He'll do it. So he's all-in when it comes to being an uncle. He is the epitome of an uncle, just through and through."

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