Kylie Minogue launches first ever alcohol-free rose wine

kylie minogue 0 wine
Kylie Minogue launches 0% alcohol rose wineDarenote Ltd

Kylie Minogue is launching her first ever 0% wine - a sparkling rosé perfect for the festive party season.

The pop icon, 54, turned her attention from making bops to booze in 2020 and Kylie Minogue Wines now sells nine different varieties made with producers from France, Italy, Australia, and Spain.

Of the new 0% bottle - KMW's first - Kylie revealed that the same quality grapes had been used for her foray in to the booze-free market, along with tea leaves.

She said: 'This festive season I am absolutely thrilled to be launching Kylie Minogue Wine’s first zero percent alcohol, Sparkling Rosé. Produced from selected ingredients of the highest quality including premium European grapes and high altitude, hand-picked, organic tea from the Yunnan province in China, our Kylie Minogue Wines Zero Sparkling Rosé is an innovative beverage which combines complexity, a fine balance and dry finish, to appeal to any Sparkling Rosé drinkers looking for a delightfully clean, textured product, minus the alcohol.'

It might sound odd to make alcohol-free wine with tea, but there is a science behind it. The green tea, selected from the Liu-Da Mountains, has created all the beloved attributes of wine but without generating any alcohol.

The tea was handpicked, one bud and two leaves at a time, before being brewed into a strong infusion and added to the grape ferment. The result is described as having an 'additional mouthfeel and finish, rounded off with dried tannins to present a complex and finely balanced Sparkling Rosé, minus the alcohol.'

Retailing at £7.00, the Kylie Minogue Wines’ zero percent alcohol Sparkling Rosé will be exclusively available at Tesco.

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