Kylie Minogue reveals the secret behind her longevity: 'It's tenacity and determination!'

Kylie Minogue speaks out about her longevity credit:Bang Showbiz
Kylie Minogue speaks out about her longevity credit:Bang Showbiz

Kylie Minogue remains "curious" about her career after almost 40 years in the business.

The 55-year-old pop superstar is renowned for having experimented with numerous different genres throughout the course of her 35 years in music and thinks her own "tenacity" and "determination" are the reasons for her longevity.

Speaking on 'The Cookout' YouTube series, she said: "It's tenacity. Many things...I would say I remain curious about lots of things, certainly music and how I connect with it and how I can have that connection with fans and audiences. I'm determined. I am brave enough or foolish enough to try different things and I love to be malleable."

The 'Padam Padam' hitmaker - who is the only female artist to have earned a number-one album in five decades - is due to release her house-inspired record 'Tension' on September 22 - and explained that it has never been a "chore" to reinvent herself so often and that it all comes naturally to her.

She said: People often say to me 'Oh, you're always reinventing yourself!' and I kind of get it. I know what they mean but for me it's more evolution. It's the actor in me, it's the Gemini. I like to shapeshift and that has not been a chore at all, it's just part and parcel of how I present myself. It can put me a little on edge at times but mostly I've got away with it!"

Meanwhile, the 'Spinning Around' legend split from her 47-year-old fiancé Paul Solomons earlier this year after five years with the former GQ director, and has explained that making music following the breakup was the catharsis she needed.

She told Music Week: "I was happy to get some of these emotions out of myself. The studio can be like therapy. So yes, some challenging moments, which almost everyone has.”