Kym Marsh relates to struggling single mum character

Kym Marsh stars in Waterloo Road credit:Bang Showbiz
Kym Marsh stars in Waterloo Road credit:Bang Showbiz

Kym Marsh can relate to her 'Waterloo Road' character's struggles as a penniless single parent.

The 46-year-old actress was just 18 when she fell pregnant with son David, now 27, and raised him and his younger sister Emilie, 25, on her own so can understand the hardships her new alter ego, dinnerlady Nicky, faces in the school saga because she's been there herself.

Kym - who has her elder kids with Dave Cunliffe and also has 11-year-old Polly with actor Jamie Lomas - said: “I was a single parent for many years when David and Emilie were little. I didn’t have anybody. I struggled to make ends meet. I begged and borrowed from family and friends to help me.

“Yes, there are elements of Nicky that I get and understand as I’ve been there too.”

And Kym thinks many other viewers will relate to Nicky's issues too.

She added in an interview with the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Nicky hasn’t always had it easy, she has struggled over the years.

“She owns her own salon, she had to close that down because of the pandemic. That’s very current.

“She’s struggling to make ends meet, she’s a single parent, she’s trying to hold down several jobs to make sure her children don’t go without. It’s very relatable right now with the cost-of-living crisis."

Despite her struggles in the past, the 'Morning Live' presenter - who is married to Scott Ratcliff - is busier than ever these days.

She quipped: “My life, quiet? You’re joking aren’t you?

“When I’m asked what I’m watching I say the inside of my eyelids.

“I like to keep busy. I’m fortunate to have had work over the past few years. More of the same, please.”

“Acting is my first love. It’s part of me. I come to life when I’m acting. I feel like there’s lots more out there for women of my age.

“Dramas are coming up with big roles for women. It’s exciting.

“Times are changing and it’s great to see. Long may it continue.”