L-Charge welcomes Londoners to test the first super-fast mobile EV-charging service

LONDON, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric Vehicle charge point manufacturer L-Charge have announced they will start field trials of their ultra-fast mobile EV-charging service in London from the beginning of September 2022. The company welcomes EV drivers with iPhones to join their beta-testing programme by filling out the form. All beta-testers will be eligible for discounts and offers. L-Charge have recently completed a road tour through Europe with the intention of measuring mobile charging demand in cities that  have a distinct shortage of EV charging infrastructure.

L-Charge Mobile Charging Truck (PRNewsfoto/L-Charge)
L-Charge Mobile Charging Truck (PRNewsfoto/L-Charge)

As part of the tour, L-Charge successfully tested their mobile charging service with EV drivers in Tallinn, Riga, Prague, Warsaw, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.  Whilst charging EVs, the company collected insights about the obstacles EV owners face. Previous survey results from L-Charge show that only 34% of EV owners are completely satisfied with the existing charge point network, the associated output rates of charge and the charging tariffs on offer. Around 56% of EV owners said they are unsatisfied with the current charging infrastructure. Notably – over 90% of those satisfied have never undertaken long-distance journeys in their EVs. 63% of EV owners said they are forced to amend their travel routes because of the lack of charging infrastructure. More than 300 EV owners have participated in the survey so far.

"What a great experience! The entire transaction is completed via the smartphone, with charging consumption confirmed via the driver and thereafter payment deducted from your account. The whole concept illustrates that mobile charging as a service is the next logical step. We need more options like this to make the use of EVs more convenient, and to accelerate clean vehicle adoption", - one of the test-drive participants said.

L-Charge is a UK-based company that design and produce unique ultra-fast off-grid EV charging solutions that are powered by clean fuels. L-Charge's mobile EV charging truck is fitted with a mini-power station that uses LNG, hydrogen or a mixture of the two fuels to produce electricity onboard, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be called to a convenient location when needed via the app, in the same manner as ordering a taxi. The mobile charging truck provides ultra-fast charging – from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1889892/L_Charge.jpg