Labour accuses SNP of being 'all over the place' on energy jobs and security

Stephen Flynn
-Credit: (Image: DEREK IRONSIDE)

Labour has accused the SNP of being "all over the place" on energy jobs and security.

It comes after Stephen Flynn told BBC's Laura Kuenssberg Show the party wants a just transition but opposes Labour's plans for a windfall tax on bumper profits made by oil and gas giants.

Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes had said last week that the party was not opposed to more North Sea oil and gas licences.

The Nationalists' Westminster leader also repeated the claim that Labour's plans would cost 100,000 jobs.

But he has come under fire after it was reported that this figure was based on estimates from an investment bank with ties to the oil and gas industry.

Labour Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray said the SNP "can't give a straight answer on oil and gas".

Flynn told BBC's Laura Kuenssberg Show on Sunday: "We believe in a just and sustainable transition that protects the future employment of the tens of thousands of people who live [in Aberdeen].

"The reality is, at this election, there are three options on the table.

"That just and sustainable transition that protects workers and creates new the net zero jobs of tomorrow.

"There's the Labour party position which of course would scrap 100,000 jobs and wouldn't invest in that net zero future because they've rolled back on that £28bn net zero commitment.

"And then there's the Conservative Party position, which is to act like oil and gas will last forever when it won't.

"They're almost becoming climate deniers like Nigel Farage."

He added: "We need to make sure that we have a just transition which allows us to meet our climate targets."

Murray said: "The SNP has zero credibility on the economy and are all over the place when it comes to energy jobs and security.

"Stephen Flynn thinks a nurse on £29,000 a year should pay more tax but the oil and gas giants taking in billions of pounds in profits shouldn’t. That’s nonsense from a party that can’t give a straight answer on oil and gas.

"Labour will establish GB energy in Scotland to create the jobs for the future while cutting energy bills and transforming Scotland into a clean energy superpower.

“On July 4th we can get rid of the Tories and replace them with a Labour government with Scottish Labour MPs at its heart.”

Stephen Flynn denied the SNP has given up on independence despite him not mentioning it in the BBC general election debate.

The Nationalists' Westminster leader did not speak about independence once during Friday's debate.

When asked if the SNP had given up on independence, Flynn told BBC's Laura Kuenssberg Show: "Not at all. I trust the nous of the Scottish people to know that the Scottish National Party believes in an independent Scotland.

"Of course we are in a general election campaign and that means we need to focus upon the biggest issues at Westminster.

"That's austerity, £18 billion pounds of public sector cuts coming down the line... the consequence of Brexit and of course the ongoing cost of living crisis which people are facing.

"We're willing to deal with these issues head on, we're willing to challenge an incoming Labour government on their conspiracy of silence with the Tories on these big issues.

"And hopefully following the general election we'll be able to put some guts into the House of Commons to deal with these issues in order to improve the outcomes for the people of Scotland."

He added: "Our position is very clear. Page one, line one of our manifesto will say 'A vote for the SNP is a vote for an independent nation'.

"That's what the SNP stands for. That is what we believe in."

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