Labour candidate’s office sprayed with ‘gay slur’ for third time

By Claire Hayhurst, PA

The constituency office of a Labour parliamentary candidate has been spray-painted with a “homophobic slur” for the third time in a month.

On October 26, Luke Pollard said his office had been hit twice in the space of a fortnight, with the words “Pollard is a pedo, report that”, written on a wall.

On Wednesday, in a video posted on Twitter, Mr Pollard revealed his city centre office had been targeted again – this time with words including “pedo” daubed outside.

Mr Pollard, who is seeking re-election in Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport, praised council workers and a passing Deliveroo cyclist for helping him “wash off the hate”.

He said: “As you can see behind me, my office was graffitied again last night with more homophobic slurs.

“I’ve offered to sit down with the individuals that have done this, to have a cup of tea, to listen to their concerns.

“That request has been ignored and they’ve clearly sent a message here that they want to continue their homophobic attacks on me.”

Mr Pollard said he would not be made a victim by “people who have hate in their hearts”, or allow his staff to be “threatened and feel unsafe for going to work”.

“We’ve already had the police here this morning and I thank them for their swift action today,” he said.

“We’ll be co-operating fully with them and we’ll be seeking to identify the individuals involved in this.”