Labour candidate wants Swindon residents' views on cost of living crisis

Heidi Alexander (left) canvassing with Emma Bushell <i>(Image: Heidi Alexander)</i>
Heidi Alexander (left) canvassing with Emma Bushell (Image: Heidi Alexander)

The public's views on the cost-of-living crisis are sought by Labour’s candidate for South Swindon, Heidi Alexander.

She has set up an online survey allowing people living in the constituency to relay their experiences.

It is due to run until the end of January and Ms Alexander said responses will go towards the national and local party’s campaign priorities.

She said: “In the last few months, and with the help of a brilliant team of volunteers, I have spoken to thousands of people on doorsteps across Swindon.

“The message is loud and clear - everyone is struggling. Whether it’s rising mortgages or rents, soaring energy bills or prices at the petrol pump, everything seems to be going up and inflation is out of control.

“I want to understand what issues are causing most concern, as I am keen to ensure the Labour Party continues to develop compelling and fully-costed solutions to the problems our town is experiencing.

“One of the things that mums, in particular, have raised with me is the soaring cost of childcare and so I have some specific questions on that issue, as well as some more general questions about the NHS, crime and town centre regeneration.”

The survey is hosted at For delivery of a  hard copy of the petition, text SURVEY followed by your name and address to 07742 549968.