Labour hoping to tempt retirees back to workforce with right to work from home

Labour is hoping to tempt early retirees back to the work force with the right to work from home.

The shadow work and pensions secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, has outlined plans to entice over-50s to take up employment again.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Ashworth said Labour will launch a series of proposals aimed at encouraging older people to return to the workplace, saying they are “hugely experienced” and should be “championed” by ministers.

Middle-aged workers quit the workplace in droves since the pandemic, with two in five saying sickness or disability was their reason for leaving.

Labour is hoping to tempt them back with more flexible working arrangements, including the right to work from home, the right to work fewer hours and the right to work at times that vary from week to week.

The rights will be brokered by job centre staff, who would be given the power to meet people in cafes and community centres under plans to “de-stigmatise” the return to work.

Next week, Mr Ashworth will also promise that all over-50s will be given guaranteed access to advice on their finances, skills, health and wellbeing.