Labour to take all Kirklees constituencies in general election, analysis suggests

Labour are set to win seats across Yorkshire
-Credit: (Image: YouGov)

Labour is on course to win the upcoming general election by a landslide across Kirklees constituencies, according to recent analysis from YouGov.

By YouGov’s projections, Labour would see a “historic majority” of 194 seats, taking a total of 422 across the country. The analysis also suggests that Labour will make gains across the Yorkshire and the Humber region at the expense of the Tories, with the party expected to take every single seat in the constituencies that cover the Kirklees area.

Since the last general election, the boundaries of some constituencies have changed, while some have been abolished completely, following a review by the Boundary Commission.

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Huddersfield and Colne Valley have seen minor changes, while new constituencies of Dewsbury and Batley, Spen Valley, and Ossett and Denby Dale have been created. The previous constituencies of Dewsbury, and Batley and Spen, have been scrapped.

Former Batley and Spen MP Kim Leadbeater is hoping to take the new Spen Valley seat, with her closest competitor expected to be Conservative candidate, Adam Gregg. YouGov has projected that this seat is “likely” to go to Labour, with Leadbeater expected to take 43.4 percent of the vote and Gregg, 26 percent.

The analysis also suggests that Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney will lose his seat to Labour's candidate and sitting Kirklees councillor, Paul Davies. The constituency has been held by McCartney from 2010-2017, and then from 2019 onwards.

The former MP for Dewsbury, Mark Eastwood (Con), is hoping to take Ossett and Denby Dale but the analysis suggests that he will be trumped by Labour’s Jade Botterill.

Huddersfield is expected to remain a safe seat for Labour, with the party’s candidate, Harpreet Uppal, on course to continue Labour’s hold on the town after Barry Sheerman stood down after 45 years in office. Uppal’s win is expected to be comfortable with figures projecting that she could take 56.4 percent of the vote.

YouGov also considers Dewsbury and Batley to be a safe Labour seat, with the party thought to be able to seal a win with their candidate, Heather Iqbal.

These projections were generated through YouGov’s MRP model, which stands for Multi-level Regression and Post-stratification, and will be updated twice before election day.

YouGov’s website explains: “The model, which uses survey data from almost 60,000 respondents, is designed to tell us what would happen if the general election were happening right now, with people’s vote intention (or lack of) as it currently stands.

“It is not a forecast, but is designed to give a detailed, seat-by-seat look at the British political landscape as we head toward 4 July.”

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