Labour mayor Claire Ward's dad named as Reform UK candidate for Bassetlaw

Claire Ward, the first ever East Midlands Mayor, wearing a red jacket at the Nottingham Tennis Centre count
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post)

One of Reform UK's Nottinghamshire candidates for the upcoming general election is the father of Labour's East Midlands Mayor Claire Ward. Frank Ward, who served for decades as a Labour councillor before leaving the party in 2007, has been chosen to stand for Reform in Bassetlaw.

Mr Ward initially stood as an independent candidate in his local council in Hertfordshire after leaving Labour. He later joined UKIP in 2013, serving as the chair of his local party branch.

Ms Ward was elected as the first-ever East Midlands Mayor following the local elections in May 2023 which saw Labour securing victory by a large margin. The mayor's Labour credentials mean she will likely be out campaigning in Bassetlaw for Jo White, against her father.

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Confirming Reform UK's Bassetlaw candidate was her father, Claire Ward said: "I love my dad, but we don't always agree on politics. As the Labour Mayor of the East Midlands, I will be campaigning for Labour candidates across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire."

Below are all the candidates, presented in alphabetical order by surname, for Bassetlaw.


Brendan Clarke-Smith


Rachel Reeves

Liberal Democrat

Helen Tamblyn-Saville

Reform UK

Frank Ward


Jo White