Labour Party heading for a MILLION members after post-election joining surge

The Labour Party is on track to hit a million members, after 150,000 people joined in the three days following the general election.

The milestone was tweeted by Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon on Saturday night, saying: “In last 3 days, 150,000 people have joined Labour. We now have 800,000 members.”

Urging people to join and help take the number to a million members, the Labour MP for East Leeds added: “Great news! Let’s make it a million!”

The surge in membership follows a hugely successful result for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, who gained 30 seats in the election to take its total to 262.

The Conservatives remain the largest party, with 318 seats – eight short of an overall majority, which has left Theresa May not only facing criticism, but in the position of having to search for a deal with the DUP to cement her hold on power.

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The news comes as one of the first post-election polls showed a huge boost in support for Labour, with 44.8% of the vote, compared to 38.9% for the Conservatives.

The Labour Party is capitalising on its post-election popularity, urging people who voted for the party to join in the wake of its success.