Labour promises to investigate DWP rule after claimants 'taken to court'

The new Labour government has vowed to investigate the Carer's Allowance scandal after claimants were taken to court over breaching the earnings threshold. The Labour Party, fresh from its election landslide over the Conservative Party, have promised to probe the Department for Work and Pensions rule.

Speaking on a visit to meet pensioners in the Labour target seat of Thurrock in Essex, new Labour Party Cabinet member and DWP boss Liz Kendall urged voters who felt the party was not being bold enough to view the party’s promises as just the steps in a 10-year plan.

“That will be an absolute priority for me because these are people who are absolutely at breaking point, looking after the people they love, with precious little help and support in return,” she said. “Any repayments … have to be done in a fair way. You will know that we have to see what the situation is if we get into government, to look at all of the data about what is happening.

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"But we need to put the system right for the long-term.” She went on, saying last month: “If you go in your overdraft, your bank immediately tells you, we should be able to do that for these payments. I know people will be absolutely desperate about it.

"And I want to make sure we do everything to put it right.” Speaking to OAPs, she said: “I remember in 1997 when we promised to take 100,000 people off the waiting list, lots of people said well, that’s nowhere near enough. But by the time we left office, we had ended waiting, through investment and reform.

"It is really, really important that people see this [campaign] as first steps.” She added “Of course it does. I’ve been an MP for 14 years and I know how much people have suffered. I know they are absolutely on their knees.

“Somebody here [in Thurrock] said there’s so much wrong that you got to put right. We understand that, but I think people also recognise it can’t change immediately.”