Labour runners and riders: Who might lead after Jeremy Corbyn?

Joe Watts
Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is adamant he will take Labour into the 2022 election: PA

Some Labour figures are raising concerns that Jeremy Corbyn may be too old to lead the party into the next election.

There is now a field of potential successors from different wings of the party. The Independent brings you the most notable...

Shadow minister Emily Thornberry speaks during Prime Minister's Questions (PA)

Emily Thornberry

She won plaudits for her performance standing in at Prime Minister’s Questions and has reportedly been tipped by key Corbyn-ally Len McCLuskey, the boss of Unite the union.

The Islington South and Finsbury MP is seen as a potential unifying figure, who could bring different wings of the party together.

Rebecca Long Bailey is seen as part of an emerging socialist leadership (Rex)

Rebecca Long-Bailey

The young ideological heir to Mr Corbyn is being promoted by some of his allies as they go about succession planning.

John McDonnell called the Shadow Business Secretary part of the “next generation of our socialist leadership”.

As Salford and Eccles MP, she says she grew up “in a home where job insecurity, low pay and debt were daily features of life.”

Angle Rayner has been one of the most prominent figures promoted by Corbyn (Getty)

Angela Raynor

The Shadow Education Secretary has won over MPs on both sides of the House with her down-to-earth nature.

The Ashton-Under-Lyne MP was given the “Rising Star” award from the right-of-centre political magazine The Spectator, and has not shied from taking on difficult issues like the underperformance of white boys at school.

Sir Keir Starmer has walked a tough line on Brexit (BBC)

Sir Keir Starmer

The Shadow Brexit Secretary, named after a Labour icon, has long been the favourite of some party members.

The Holborn & St Pancras MP, and former director of public prosecutions, has impressed with his handling of devilishly tricky EU withdrawal issues, managing to create and pursue an approach which has help hold the party together.

Lisa Nandy left Corbyn's frontbench in 2016 (Getty)

Lisa Nandy

The Wigan MP was among those who quit Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench in 2016, but has remained in most lists of potential successors.

She is generally liked by the left and centre of the party, is a competent media performer and strong advocate of core Labour values.

Dan Jarvis, the MP for Barnsley Central, is a former major in the Parachute Regiment who served in three war zones (PA)

Dan Jarvis

The Barnsley MP has a back-story that many candidates would be jealous of.

No-one can accuse him of being career politician given that he spent time in the Parachute Regiment, on tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan among other places.

Labour politician Chuka Umunna has argued the anti-hard Brexit case(Getty)

Chuka Umunna

The Streatham MP is still seen as a hope for centrists in the party and has made it his raison d’etre to stand up for the majority of Labour members who do not like Brexit.

An accomplished media performer with a network of support means if a contest comes, he is positioned to throw his hat in for a second time.