Labour's Cramlington and Killingworth candidate makes her pitch to voters ahead of General Election

Emma Foody has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Cramlington and Killingworth constituency at the next General Election
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Labour's candidate for the new Cramlington and Killingworth seat has spoken of her love for the North East ahead of the General Election.

Emma Foody will contest the seat for Labour and the Co-operative Party when the country goes to the polls on July 4. Ms Foody is currently the assistant general secretary of the Co-operative Party, having previously worked as a 999 call handler.

Born in Wideopen, Ms Foody is currently married to Nottingham North MP Alex Norris. This has drawn questions from her political opponents - Ian Levy, who is contesting the seat for the Conservatives, questioned how she would spend her time if she became MP. Mr Levy is running alongside his wife, Maureen, who is the candidate for the Blyth and Ashington seat.

Responding to this, Ms Foody said: "I would say that the role of an MP is a full-time one and if I'm elected, that is what the public will get - a full time MP fighting for their area.

"I'm originally from Wideopen and born and bred there. I moved back to the area a couple of years ago for family reasons.

"I love the area and I really want to see the best for it. I'm sick of seeing the failure of 14 years of Conservative Government.

"I decided that if I wanted to see that change, I had to be part of it. It's a new constituency, and for all it's called Cramlington and Killingworth it's 25 villages and towns."

Asked what her priorities would be as an MP, Ms Foody continued: "We've been out on the doorsteps talking to people. People are really struggling with the cost of living.

"The other thing is NHS services - in Seaton Sluice, people have to go to Cramlington for a GP appointment. There are no dentists accepting adult patients.

"People just feel that everything around them isn't working. If you talk to people on the doorstep they're telling you things that are affecting their lives and have none of the solutions."

Discussing Labour's plans in Government, Ms Foody added: "I think that if we were lucky enough to form the next Government, there are some immediate choices we would make.

"We would close the non-dom tax loopholes and put VAT on private school fees. We would introduce breakfast clubs for children and create an additional 40,000 NHS appointments every week."

Ms Foody is up against former Blyth Valley MP Ian Levy of the Conservative Party and Newcastle city councillor Thom Campion of the Liberal Democrats. Ian Jones is the Green Party candidate, while Calum MacGregor is contesting the seat for Reform UK and Mathew Wilkinson for the Social Democratic Party.

Northumberland county councillor Scott Lee is also running as an Independent. According to Britain Elects and the New Stateman’s poll tracker, the latest figures put Labour well ahead on 54.7%, with the Conservatives on just 28.1%