Labour's plan to lower voting age to 16 welcomed by Lib Dems

Sir Ed Davey has blasted the Tories' record on water pollution
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

Sir Ed Davey has welcomed Labour’s pledge to seek to lower the voting age to 16.

But the Lib Dem leader said that “bolder” reform is needed to fix the “broken” political system.

Speaking at a General Election campaign event in Winchester, Hampshire, he said: "The Liberal Democrats have long supported votes at 16.”

Sir Ed added that anyone who wanted to join the party’s policy ideas was “very, very welcome”.

He continued: “The problem is though, the British political system is broken.

“I think we’ve all seen the last few years that unless we transform our political system, we won’t get the changes in our health service and our economy and the environment that we need.

“So, Liberal Democrats are putting forward a much bolder programme of political reform with electoral reform and with putting power out from Westminster and Whitehall into communities for people, and that pretty profound and ambitious form of political change, I think, is what is needed and what people want.”

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