'Lack of Respect for Marine Life' - Freediver Finds Stingray With 'Knife' Wound in Victoria Waters

Freediver Jules Casey was swimming in the waters of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, when she spotted a stingray that initially seemed completely lifeless, only to then discover the fish was in fact injured, appearing to have suffered a knife wound.

Casey posted a video to her Instagram account on January 6 showcasing the interaction, which begins with her hovering over the fish as it remains largely still. Casey gets closer to the stingray and there appears to be a laceration just behind its eyes, which she presumed to have been carried out with a knife.

Moments later, the stingray beings to move and eventually swims away from Casey and out of frame. Casey’s post stated, “On closer inspection I discovered she had a knife wound to her head. One of her spiracles was moving so she was still alive. I don’t normally touch but I wanted to check if she was ok.”

Casey also noted that that fisherman who frequently visit the bay know not to do this to the stingrays but fears that tourism may be a contributing factor to these types of situations. She says, “with so many visiting fishermen during tourist season we are seeing such a lack of respect for our beautiful marine life and an increase in this sort of cruelty.”

Although the animal is able to swim away at the end of the video, Casey does not have much faith that it will be able to survive for very long. Her caption reads, “fingers crossed she’s ok but with a wound like this I don’t hold much hope.” Credit: onebreathdiver via Storyful