Lad hits gym after split from girlfriend – and now looks '10 years younger'

A man has stunned the internet with his post break-up glow up
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/Westend61)

Break-ups can be a turning point, and for one man, it was the catalyst for an astonishing transformation.

Recently, a chap took to Reddit to showcase his remarkable change post-split, revealing not only a significant weight loss but also a seemingly new head of hair. The transformation has left him looking years younger, causing quite a stir among the ladies online.

He captioned his Reddit post: "Hi! This is my progress from a post-breakup glow up. Hair loss and weight loss are a bit over a year of progress, and I started lifting one year ago as of Sunday!"

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Initially, he was dealing with thinning hair and carrying extra weight, which didn't seem to contribute to his confidence. Fast forward to today, and he's unrecognisable sporting a full head of hair, a toned physique, and a dashing sense of style.

His glow-up has been met with a wave of admiration online, with hundreds of comments flooding in praising his new look and the incredible transformation.

His impressive transformation has left fans in a state of shock, with many claiming he looks up to 10 years younger. The most recent photo was greeted with comments like: "This is the greatest glow up of all time. I guess some people wouldn't even recognise you," and "I've never had my mouth drop from a glow up post. This is crazyyyy."

Another follower couldn't believe their eyes: "Honestly I can hardly believe this is the same person ... Like what magic is this."

Not forgetting one user who quipped: "WOOOOOW! ! ! ! This is The Best glow up I've seen here, by a landslide. Several landslides, in fact. Wow."

But naturally, there were those curious about why they broke up, to which he replied that it wasn't the girl's fault explaining: "No, haha. It's interesting. We broke up because she wasn't that interested in me (obviously) and it ate me up inside. As a result, I pushed her away, so it's not her fault. She's not a bad person or anything, just a catalyst for me to change."

And change he did!

Viewers were stunned by his complete transformation leaving them, quite literally, lost for words. His before and after photos provide an incredible testament to how much a person can alter their appearance when they put in the effort.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, the dramatic comparison left many viewers simply "gasp" in disbelief. Numerous jaws hit the floor as these astonishing photos revealed his unexpected metamorphosis.

One person commented: "God damn sir. Was this to spite your ex in any way because if I was your ex, I would feel spited haha."

Another added: "Awesome progress man, especially with the hair. I'm 24 (turning 25 in July) and currently dealing with diffuse thinning, but I'm not able to afford any treatments."

While a further person said: "Damn the last photo made my jaw drop. Definitely wasn't expecting that. You look completely different, congratulations you look great!"