Lady Dimitrescu goes full C**k Destroyer in latest bizarre Resident Evil Village mods

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What makes Lady Dimitrescu so iconic? Is it her height? Those nails? Her taste for “man blood”? Or is it that fabulous wide-brimmed hat?

As if dancing to “Maneater” wasn’t enough, modders have been having plenty of fun messing around with Lady D in Resident Evil Village.

And now, modder and YouTuber Kallialee has created a new mod where her hat just keeps getting bigger… and bigger…

Every time you turn to look at Lady Dimitrescu her hat grows to comically oversized proportions. It certainly takes the scares out of the game: you’ll be too busy laughing to be alarmed.

As if she wasn’t already too tall to fit under doorways, this new mod really does take the p**s.

“You’re blocking out the sun lady,” quipped Kallialee on his stream. “That’s what every vampire needs. They’ll never perish in the sun with this.”

Before this, he experimented with another mod that enlarges Lady Dimitrescu’s other…assets as well. Yes, in short, Lady D has gone full Cock Destroyer. Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More, eat your heart out.

It begins with just the lip size, which certainly heightens the moment she laps away at the blood from Ethan’s sliced wrist. As she grins she looks more and more like The Joker.

But soon her chest increases to ridiculous proportions too, so much that you can barely see her face. The changes aren’t reflected in the mirror though, giving an amusing before and after.

The highlights clip is hilarious.

Kallialee then streamed in Lady Dimitrescu drag cosplay showing off multiple mods in action. There’s Lady D’s enlarged assets. There’s a face swap of Chris Redfield and Ethan’s baby (which is truly terrifying).

And yes, there’s Chris Redfield – the true daddy of the game – in just his underwear.

Check out the full stream here.

Is Resident Evil Village the horniest horror game yet made? Quite possibly.

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