Lady Gaga Recreates Her Most Iconic Looks (Including That Meat Dress) In Rousing Election Video

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Lady Gaga opened up her extensive dressing up box to recreate some of her most iconic looks in her latest election video.

The singer has been urging US citizens to use their vote in next Tuesday’s presidential election over the last few weeks, but pulled out all the stops for her latest efforts.

Gaga could be seen donning a range of looks spanning her 12-year career, including that meat dress.

Lady Gaga revisits some of her most iconic looks (Photo: Twitter/Lady Gaga)
Lady Gaga revisits some of her most iconic looks (Photo: Twitter/Lady Gaga)

She begins the video dressed in the structured metallic dress she debuted on her Monster Ball Tour, following the release of The Fame Monster in 2009.

Gaga then switched things up by throwing on the blue swimsuit from the Poker Face video, before recreating her look from her Super Bowl set in 2017.

Then comes a simpler look from the ARTPOP era, which sees her in a long brown wig and plaid shirt, before she transforms into cowboy-hat-clad Joanne.

There’s even a cameo from the oft-forgotten Cheek To Cheek-era Gaga, complete with curly black wig.

Gaga then showcases perhaps her most famous outfit ever – the meat dress, which she wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs.

We’re presuming she had a brand new one made especially for this video, as the original was submitted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, who paid a taxidermist $6000 (£4690) to preserve the dress – although it did have to be painted to look more like meat than what it actually is now… jerky.

The meat dress as it looked in 2011 after being submitted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
The meat dress as it looked in 2011 after being submitted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

In the video, Gaga can be heard saying: “If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different to what it is right now, you have got to participate in this election...

“I believe anyone can find a reason to vote, but if you need one, let me help you.

“Vote in honour of someone you love, vote in honour of someone who loves you. Vote for someone you have lost, someone you know who would stand in line for hours at the polls but can’t because they are no longer with us. Vote in honour of all the voices that have less power. Maybe vote for the future children whose voices have yet to be heard, the future voices who will inherit this home.”

Gaga adds that people know who she’ll will be voting for (she is a vocal supporter of Democrat candidate Joe Biden), but urged everyone to vote no matter what their political allegiance.

She concluded: “I’ve never been shy to make my voice heard – I’ve said a lot of different things in a lot of different ways, wearing a lot of different outfits, makeup, hats, dresses made out of meat, jumping off of stadiums, screaming on stage. I may have seemed to shift and change, but one thing that has never changed is my voice, and what I believe.

“My voice will be heard this election – will yours?”


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