'I laid in bed with Leeds star for three hours not knowing what to do - it was so awkward'

Paul Robinson spoke about an awkward encounter with David Wetherall at Leeds
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Paul Robinson has detailed an awkward experience with a Leeds United team-mate during a trip away from home - which left him lying in the dark not knowing what to do.

With Euro 2024 fast approaching, Chris Scull and Alex Brooker of the Let's Be Having You podcast were keen to quiz footballers on the ins and outs of tournament life away from home - from travelling for miles for games to spending countless nights shacked up in hotels before and after playing on the world stage.

Former Leeds United and England number one Robinson was the perfect candidate to give the hosts a look into the behind-the-scenes of international and club football, with Scull and Brooker quick to probe the player on what life is like surrounding big games.

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Robison was speaking about international duty, when he was asked if you get your own hotel room for tournaments, to which, he responded: "Yeah you do. Even like now at club level, all the lads have their own rooms because, believe it or not, we're all a little bit odd, we've got our own quirks and everything."

But the keeper admitted that players didn't always have the luxury of having their own space to prepare for games. He went on: "Years ago you got told to get on with it. My first-ever roommate for Leeds was David Wetherall - the big centre-half. I mean he was captain sensible."

David Wetherall (right) went on to play for Bradford City after Leeds
David Wetherall (right) went on to play for Bradford City after Leeds -Credit:Sunday Mercury

Wetherall's playing career took off when he made the move from his hometown club Sheffield Wednesday to Leeds in 1991, going on to rack up 202 appearances for the club. Robinson, meanwhile, would break through the youth academy in 1998, playing one season with the veteran before Wetherall moved on to Bradford City.

Speaking about one night in particular, Robinson went on: "I remember it to this day - we went to Waltham Abbey and it was a tiny little room with two single beds in, and he's an old experienced player, maybe captain at the time - obviously been told to look after me. Had dinner downstairs at 7 o'clock, we get up in the room and I'm just a little bit like, 'What do we do now?'

"Got to 9 o'clock he went, 'Turn the lights off'. I went, 'What do you mean turn the lights off?' He went 'Turn the lights off, I'm going to sleep'. So I just laid in the bed next to him for about three hours wondering what to do."

Reflecting on the importance of having personal space in today's game, he added: "Everyone obviously goes to sleep at different times and wakes up at different times, so it's important that lads get their own space to be honest."

Robinson is a seasoned veteran of the game - racking up 421 appearances at club level for the likes of Tottenham, Blackburn Rovers and Burnley, as well as 41 caps for England before retiring in 2017.